BC Government jumps on Accelerator bandwagon in Asia

Yesterday was a banner day for Business Accelerators and British Columbia.

In addition to the City of Vancouver announcement that Silicon Valley’s Plug and Play Tech Center will be setting up shop, the BC Asia Pacific Trade and Investment Division of the BC Government announced the launch of the BC Global Business Accelerator (GBA).

The GBA will provide office space and support in Asian marekts, coupled with strategic business advice and local connections for companies thinking about expanding there.

These resources are provided in-market on a daily basis by the BC Trade and Investment team comprised of experienced business development managers. The five-member group has extensive sector knowledge, broad local networks and decades of combined business experience in the market. With this strong local team at their side, BC companies will quickly accelerate through the learning curve in any new market, saving both time and money while greatly reducing their risk.

The BC Asia Pacific Trade and Investment Division will officially launch the first GBA in June at its Trade and Investment Office in Bangalore, India. BC companies that qualify can spend 2-6 months in the Accelerator developing their business and exploring the market.

Interested companies can attend an information session on the GBA program at Robson Square in Vancouver on May 26th from 8:30 – 9:30am. Contact Michael Nicholas for more information or to confirm attendance at the May 26th information session.