BC Politicians Twitter for Your Vote

Whether it’s an independent CJ site like the Tyee that is providing you with upcoming provincial election coverage that you want to read or a private Facebook photo gone public that brings down a Vancouver NDP candidate, it’s certain that now–more than perhaps in previous years–technology, social media and “being online” are playing a giant role in providing real-time, authentic and “non-newsified television news” from the campaign trail. So why not follow a candidate on Twitter, then?

Thanks to @unclespeedo (Ryan Speed of Victoria), we now have access to a fairly comprehensive (if unofficial) list of BC politicians that are using Twitter. Since I’m very interested in BC politics, I have gone through the list and decided to follow some of the candidates.  I wonder what some of them are doing right now? Let’s see.  Spencer Herbert for the Vancouver-West End NDP riding is surfing the web, it looks like Premier Gordon Campbell just wrapped up a morning show on the Beat 94.5, while the BC Conservatives are momentum building. How wonderful!