BC Wireless advocate turns to the Mob

Wavefront annouced today that they have partnered with Calgary-based Mob4Hire to help BC mobile software developers field test their home-grown applications around the globe. Mob4Hire provides real-world, crowd-sourced, mobile application testing using Web 2.0 social networking technologies.

The Mob4Hire partnership is intended to significantly reduce mobile application testing costs and time to market by connecting BC-based developers virtually with crowd-sourced testers and focus groups in 91 countries served by 254 networks with access to more than 8,000 handsets. Wavefront and Mob4Hire are helping BC developers solve the fragmentation problem of applications failing to work seamlessly across multiple handsets, platforms and networks.

Long-time Techvibes blog contributor Stephen King is the CEO at Mob4Hire and had this to say in today’s poress release:

“As part of the Wavefront community, mobile developers in B.C. can work with Mob4Hire to assess how their application performs on live operator networks during peak usage times. Although developers can access many solutions that simulate these network conditions, testing on a live network and gaining real user feedback is invaluable in determining the technical capabilities of an application.”

Wavefront is the community-based commercialization center for BC’s 1,000 wireless and new media development companies.