BCIT Helps iPhone Game Developers

If you’re interested in developing iPhone games or iPhone apps and live in the Lower Mainland, you’re in luck.  You can sign up for a 12-week, part-time course at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

According to an article in the Georgia Straight, BCIT started the course to gauge interest and has consulted the local gaming community for their input.  Two of those individuals, Vancouver-based CEO of Smartful Studios, Parveen Kaler and CEO of Handi Mobility, Igor Faletski offer their views on the topic.  Parveen actually helped BCIT design the program which launched this September.  His company got in the app-building game early.  Igor’s company worked with TransLink, the regional transit company for over a year when the iPhone arrived in Canada.  The company helped build the Next Bus text-messaging tool and Facebook application. According to Faletski,

Once the iPhone came out, it was clear that the market share in Vancouver would definitely increase, and the first thing we decided to do was the [TransLink] iPhone Web application, which allows users to access the information in a very neat, beautiful way.

Both Parveen and Igor agree that the iPhone is just one of many mobile platforms to develop software for and that the market is growing.  This is probably why BCIT is considering extending the iPhone software development course.