BC’s Organ Donor Program goes Electronic

The touchy subject of organ donation has been rife with legal and moral issues; most notably, the rights of the donor being overridden by well-meaning but short-sighted family members. Now BC Transplant has partnered with Vancouver’s Recombo to eliminate these issues and revolutionize the way Canadians approach organ donation by going online vs. standing in lines.

BC Transplant has fully integrated Recombo’s technology into its organ donor registry, allowing donors to electronically complete forms with a legally binding digital signature that cannot be contested once signed. Implemented on a wholly digital platform, this technology makes BC Transplant the only fully functioning, legal, paperless organ donor registry in Canada, providing a cost-effective and green solution to upholding the rights of the donor.

British Columbians can now register their decision on BC’s Organ Donor Registry more quickly and efficiently using the customized donor registration form that offers a legal and paperless online alternative to mailing in forms. The entire registration process is housed online in a secure system that functions similarly to online banking systems. Once a form is completed, registrants generate a legally binding digital signature verifying their organ donation decision. Consent cannot be overturned or changed by anyone else, other than the registrant at a later date.

This is an incredibly smart use of web technology – Congrats to BC Transplant and Recombo. And remember Organ Donor Stickers on your CareCard are useless – you must register with the organ donor registry to make it official.