BDC Announces Winner of 2014 Mentorship Award

BDC and the Canadian Business Youth Foundation today named Ryan Jackson of Medicine Hat, Alberta as the inaugural winner of the 2014 BDC Mentorship Award.

Jackson is the principal and managing director of Rameco Consulting Group and a former entrepreneur-in-residence at Medicine Hat College. He was recognized during at the CYBF Action Entrepreneurship: Growing Young Enterprise Canadian Summit in Toronto.

“I have been lucky to have had several great mentors in my life, so it was important to me to pay-it-forward and become a mentor myself,” Jackson said. “You can feel pretty isolated as an entrepreneur so it’s important to have someone in your corner that wants to see you succeed as much as you do. A person that isn’t afraid to tell you when you’re heading down the wrong path and someone you can openly commiserate with.”

The BDC Mentorship Award recognizes “an outstanding Canadian business mentor credited by their peers for providing valuable advice and support through a significant commitment of time and effort that has led to the creation and growth of Canadian companies by building their mentees’ professional skills and abilities.”

“Our research demonstrates that entrepreneurs that receive external advice often outperform their peers,” noted Michel Bergeron, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs and Marketing at BDC. “It is important that high-quality mentors decide to volunteer as the benefits of their involvement can be tremendous.”

The BDC Mentorship Award is one of four new entrepreneurship awards launched by BDC this year that promote and recognize Canadian entrepreneurs in four key areas: mentorship, innovation, resiliency and entrepreneurship champion.