Bean Services reduces billing headaches

One of the most irritating facets of running a household or a business is acting as an amateur accountant at the end of each month and going slowly mad tracking down bills and figuring out what’s earned and what’s owed. Bean Services aims to take that frustration away by letting users send the bills to them and then doing all the heavy lifting themselves, with the help of some Web 2.0 magic. Users log in to Beanbills through a web interface, and from there Bean delivers what it terms “a complete workflow solution with built in business rules and integration.”

“We help companies process their bills in such a way that they can rely on the technology to do the work for them. We essentially create a superhuman to do the work of 20 people,” Bean Services CEO Jarrod Levitan said.

Bean Services was on hand at Launch Party 03 at the Lamplighter in Gastown to demo their service and network with fellow Vancouver tech insiders.

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