Been There, Done That, Diddit

You know how you always say you want to do things, but you never really get around to it?  For me, it’s been going skydiving or joining a book club.  Well, now the social media site Diddit let’s you plan it all out and finally get it done.  The start up is a Ludic Lab creation and they develop social media software.

Once you you join the community, you can check off stuff you’ve done already, things you want to do, meet like-minded people who share your same interests or live in the same city as you, visit other people’s profiles to see things they’ve done and tell stories about your life. There are over 300,000 experiences TO DO in over 20 channels.  Everything from eating a certain food to visiting a certain city–it’s all there for you to search, to do and to explore.  Here are ten more things you can do on Diddit:

  • Check off things you’ve done – “diddits.”
  • Star stuff you wanna do – “wanna dos.”
  • Tell stories about your life experiences.
  • Create lists of things you’ve done, things you wanna do, or both.
  • Browse and search our database of over 200k things to do.
  • Add suggestions to lists.
  • Meet people like you.
  • Share your favorite lists on Facebook.
  • Build your profile of life experiences.
  • Have fun. Get inspired. Discover your world.

The site uses original photos that you can upload, you can read reviews and comment.  I signed up and started Diddit-ing (WOW, I’ve done a lot of stuff), but then the site booted me off and timed out, so I couldn’t finish my lists.  However, I really liked the site. So, what are you going to do today?