Beer and Blog Portland shall be referred to as Free Beer and Blog this week thanks to AboutUs

Beer and Blog Portland shall be referred to as Free Beer and Blog this week thanks to AboutUs

For many Portlanders, there are few things that taste better than a cool local microbrew on a hot summer day. In fact, I can really only think of one thing that might top that: making that beer free.

And that’s just what Beer and Blog Portland has done this week in conjunction with AboutUs, the awesome Portland-based wiki that’s creating an editable catalog of every single Web site in the world.

Oh, I’m sorry. You’re here for the free beer? Yes, there’s free beer courtesy of AboutUs. But why? Well, there’s reason to celebrate. You see, AboutUs turned three-years old last month.

Portland-based burgeoning Web site indexing service turned another year older last month (June 20, to be exact), and in appreciation to the community for helping their database grow to more than 14 million pages they’re buying the Beer and Blog community a beer.

But AboutUs is more than just a inimitable wiki about Web sites. They also provide those cool little widgets I use at the bottom of most of the Silicon Florist posts – which anyone can use. And they help me keep lists of all of the cool startups in the Silicon Forest – which anyone can build.

So whether you’ve been on the fence about attending Beer and Blog or you’ve been there a ton of times, this is the perfect afternoon to head over to the Green Dragon, grab a free beer, and chat with some of the most amazing bloggers in Portland. And maybe learn a little bit more about AboutUs.

I can guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

So happy birthday to AboutUs! And happy free beer to you and yours.

For more information on the get together, see the Beer and Blog Portland post on the free beer AboutUs milestone. Or RSVP for Beer and Blog on Upcoming.