Ten Points on Behaving in a Work Environment as a New Employee

Jason Calacanis, a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, believes there is a horrible lack of training for young adults about how to behave when they arrive at work.

Here’s how Calacanis believes new employees ought to act, according to his post on Medium.

1. Show up an hour before your boss does, and never leave the office until she does.

2. When your boss asks you to come to a meeting make sure that you have a paper and pen, be 10 minutes early.

3. When in meetings do not check your phone under any circumstances .

4. Do not bring a laptop to the meeting unless you have been asked to do so, or you need it for a specific purpose.

5. Never speak in a derogatory fashion about a client, co-worker, and certainly not your boss.

6. It’s best to not drink at corporate events, unless perhaps you’re sharing a bottle of wine or a beer celebrating a big win.

7. Never lie or steal on time sheets or expense reports.

8. When asked a question listen to it carefully and try your best to answer that question. Don’t be defensive and don’t answer another question.

9. Never hide bad information from your superiors. If you are smart enough to find the problems and brave enough to bring them to your boss, then you’re probably smart enough to fix them.

10. When asked to do something you don’t know how to do, be resourceful.

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