Bell Finally Relents After Social Media Firestorm, Apologizes to Consumer

Initially, when Bell was caught selling a used iPhone as new, the company refused to apologize or send victim Vanessa Chu a truly new device. But after the determined Vancouverite sparked a social media firestorm—and Techvibes amplified her reach—Bell realized it was setting itself up for disaster and performed some admirably swift damage control.

Vanessa has stated a representative “from the executive office” at Bell called and apologized to her for how the company handled the situation. Bell suggested the possibility that the consumer who returned the iPhone originally may have switched the body with the illegitimate one Vanessa wound up with.

This device would have then been re-circulated into the system. That’s because, according to the rep, if a consumer returns a smartphone within 15 days and with less than 14 minutes of usage, the device is considered new and is resold as such.

While Vanessa is now sitting pretty—she’s been giving an actually new iPhone, as well as free add-ons to her plan—she isn’t letting the telco off the hook quite that easily. Saying the ordeal has been “stressful,” she warns consumers to be aware of the device they’re buying, and urges Bell to stay on its toes.

“I have re-iterated to Bell that they must take more stringent security measures to prevent such phones from ever being circulated in their system,” Vanessa wrote in her blog.