Bell finds time machine, travels to distant cellphone past

Bell Canada recently announced they’re letting customers roll over unused minutes into the following month. For $30 a month and up, Bell customers can choose from a variety of rollover plans.That’s a bold, decisive move…for American companies a few years ago. As ever, progress comes slowly to Canada’s mobile space, despite the best efforts of everyone but the carriers themselves.

Or maybe not. Fido just dropped the despised system access fee, which has been widely touted as the most hated “feature” of mobile phone use in Canada, and Rogers is rumored to be following suit soon. The reason? Competition. Next year new mobile phone companies will arrive, and the established order is already being shaken up. Even Koodo, the Telus-backed discount phone brand, is lighting a fire under carriers to change their established practices. And not a moment too soon, as smart phones like the iPhone and the upcoming Blackberry Storm redefine mobile computing…as long as the infrastructure, fees and data plans are in place to make them effective tools and not paperweights that take calls.