Benbria brings function, impressive lineage to messaging

Ottawa-based Benbria has a new mass SMS notification service called BlazeCast, which recently reached version 1.0. Launched in September, the service is a cross-messaging system that incorporates phone, SMS, email, and overhead paging. The service is intended to facilitate communication in organizations of any size, with special emphasis on emergency  But what’s interesting about the service, which bears a passing resemblance to Seattle based Tatung, is less its capabilities than its lineage.

Funded by Wesley Clover, the private venture capital firm of Sir Terence Matthews, and affiliated with telecom powerhouse Mitel,which has been a near-constant presence in telephony since 1973. BlazeCast is tuned to work seamlessly with Mitel’s 3300 IP Communications server, as well as boasting integration capabilities with other SIP-enabled PBX servers.