Benevity Social Ventures talks about Corporate Social Responsibility

Bryan de Lottinville talks about social giving, and how the Benevity software can help. Did you know 87% of consumers are likely to switch from one product to another (all other things being equal) if the other product is associated with a good cause?

Benevity’s software embeds the opportunity to make user-directed, tax receiptable charitable donations inside existing e-commerce trasnactions, loyalty programs, employee potals, financial applications or other online environments. It also enables real-time corporate “matching” capabilities.

The business model of Benevity is predominately transaction processing within loyalty programs, direct donations, e-commerce retailing and “ethical retail.” Benevity is ramping up it’s pipeline and are in discussion with a number of financal institutions and companies.

Bryan notes what everyone else thinks when looking at the Financial forecasting slides, “It’s funny how similar these all look.”