Besides a Great Device, What Else Do You Need to Succeed?

With all the focus on smartphones tablets, and 2 in 1s, a person could be forgiven for thinking that was all one needed to get things done a be a great business success. While one might be forgiven, they would also be wrong. There is a lot of tech to consider besides which brand of rectangular glass you will use to take your next selfie and post it to Instagram.

Technology comes in all shapes and sizes. Some of it is meant to be carried in a pocket. Some is meant to be worn on a wrist, or more recently, the face. Almost everything you can buy has a microchip in it. So just about everything qualifies as technology. That doesn’t mean that all technology is necessary for success, or even useful for that matter.

Here is a look at a few of the tech innovations that can help you be more successful:

Tech that Protects Your Tech

While it is not all about smartphones and tablets, you can’t really run a business without them. To be successful, you have to keep your devices safe. A staggering number of people drop and shatter their smartphone screens everyday. Not only are the repairs expensive and inconvenient, they take away a lot of time and productivity when it happens in the middle of a work day.

With a proper screen protector, such as the tempered glass kind, you don’t have to worry about shattering your screen every time it falls out of your pocket. That is $199 that you don’t have to find in the budget. That’s a half a day at the Genius Bar you don’t have to spend. And that is profitable business you don’t have to instruct or lose for the lack of an inexpensive screen protector.

Time to Rethink Smartwatches

When Smartwatches first hit the scene, they were curiosities. Everyone knew that the iWatch was on its way. So companies rushed to be first to market. We got the Pebble, then Samsung’s six Smartwatch efforts. Google entered the field with Android Wear. None of the entrants had a real focus or direction.

Now that we have more than a year of the Apple Watch on the market, things are getting a bit clearer. Smartwatches are great for discretely receiving important notifications, and distinguishing those that need immediate action from those that can wait. They also give you multiple pieces of data in one glance. You can see the time, weather, the date, your next meeting, and have one-tap shortcut to voice memos.

Additionally, you can get driving or walking directions, keep track of health metrics, take or make a phone call, send a message, read and compose email, plus much more. And you can do these things without having to take out your smartphone. Some smartwatches manage to keep all of this functionality while still looking appropriate in a business setting and a three-piece suit. It is still early days for smartwatches. But they are already great for business.

Apps that Get Things Done

Right now, there is a case to be made that the only smart devices you should be carrying are iOS and Android. That case is based on apps. Those platforms have all the apps you will likely ever need to get things done. Other platforms will leave you without banking and social network apps. Forget about the more obscure apps that suit a particular niche.

Whether you are looking for the 10 best mortgage calculators, or something more localized like the 12 best apps made in Canada, You can’t run your business without the latest and greatest apps. You will also need to provide an app from your business. As was once said of the website, if you don’t have an app, you don’t exist. You can’t develop for every platform. But iOS and Android should cover your bases well.

Smartphones are crucial, which makes screen protectors are like business insurance. There is no excuse to be without it. Professionals wear watches. And smart professionals wear smartwatches. And none of these devices are worth anything without productive apps.