Best Buy’s Annual Geek Summit Educates More Than a 1000 Geeks

Geek Squad® Agents fix any PC problem anytime, anywhere.

The Geek Squad’s mission is to alleviate the world’s computer problems, educate people to fearlessly embrace technology and practice the art of human interaction. Services start from upgrades and repairs but go as far as lessons on how to use your new digital camera for your niece’s birthday party.

On May 26th, Best Buy held their annual Geek Summit where literally over 1000 “geeks” from Best Buy’s Geek Squad had a two-day event to discuss new technology and products.

The life cycles of technology-related products are getting shorter and shorter; this makes it difficult to keep up. Events like the Geek Summit encourage a knowledge transfer from companies like Samsung to the “geeks”. Continually educating employees on the new technology, features, and benefits of the product, the Geek Squad is better equipped with the knowledge to create value for the clients.

For service oriented business, a continuous challenge is quality assurance and ensuring the service provided meets high standards on a consistent basis.  Rudy Irish, the head “geek” in Canada aka the Northern Commander, has a very simple, yet effective way of addressing this challenge: hire high quality employees. The Geek Squad is a people business and it’s critical to have the right people dealing with sensitive situations such as being invited to homes and offices.

Geek Squad EmployeeIrish says that there are three characteristics that make an awesome “geek”: curiosity, ethics and drive. In a face-paced environment, it’s critical to be curious and be willing to learn about all the minor changes. With the addition of characteristics like drive and ethics, “geeks” are fostered in an environment which allows growth.

As important the “geeks” are to the Geek Squad, clients are invaluable. Geek Squad leverages customer feedback to improve their offerings and further tailors their services to create value. With queries coming from clients to Best Buy’s Geek Squad, events like these help bridge the gap between producers of technology such as Samsung and the “geeks”.