Bet Smart Media pivots and recruits Co-founder

Victoria’s Bet Smart Media has done a bit of a pivot since the last time Techvibes covered them and they are now a “Sports data technology company” focused on making sports data easier to use and more relevant.

Bet Smart Media wants to create amazing technology so that their partners’ customers can access, use, and manage the types of information that is most important to them as sports fans.

Looks like the pivot is working for them as they announced today the addition of Canadian Internet entrepreneur and CEO, Steven Dengler, to the team. Dengler has made an investment in Bet Smart Media and is also a Director.

The move gives Bet Smart Media access to growth capital and a seasoned Canadian Internet executive who has dealt with similar scaling challenges as co-founder and CEO of Newmarket-based during the site’s meteoric rise to become the world’s favorite currency site on the Internet. The XE brand is synonymous with currency and foreign exchange online, and the site ranks first in Google for almost all related terms.

“My involvement in Bet Smart Media made sense on a number of levels,” comments Mr. Dengler. “Firstly, I like the business. Secondly, the business models have many similarities, and the technological challenges around sports data that Bet Smart Media deals with are on a similar scale with the currency data challenges we manage at XE. Plus, it’s great to support a healthy Canadian tech sector and early-stage investment community north of the border.”

Investment proceeds will be used to continue developing and marketing sports statistics applications that align with the company’s vision of making sports data easy to use for everyone. Dengler is an early-stage investor in a number of Canadian businesses.

Photo: Ottawa Citizen