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Late last month Victoria’s Bet Smart Media released to the public after spending a month in private beta. WiseStats is an application that provides sports statistics, pick tracking, real-time odds monitoring, and bankroll management tools.

According to Christiansen Capital Advisors, online sports betting is expected to generate revenues of $6.4 Billion in 2010. Bet Smart Media believes these revenues largely represent losses from the average bettor and that WiseStats will reduce losses by applying sound fundamentals to picking strategy.

“Having access to the right statistics and timely information is key to developing an actual edge when making sports picks or bets”, says Bet Smart Media President & Co-founder, Jesse Learmonth. “Sportsbooks and professional handicappers have access to mountains of data that help them win far more than the average bettor. We wanted to create to give everybody access to the same statistics in an insightful, easy-to-use format to help people reduce the number of losing picks they make.”

Whether users are making picks for fun or putting money on them, allows them to conduct pregame
statistical analysis, view real-time odds across 15 of the top odds markets, and track their picks to create
reports and gain insights against a series of standard performance metrics. is currently focused on NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and NCAA Menʼs Football and Basketball. During this public beta period, accounts are free and allow users to track unlimited picks across these leagues.