Big app store successes for little company in Edmonton

Postmedia News had a great profile on Friday of CrazedCoders, an Edmonton-based dev shop that designs apps for iPhone and iPad.

Despite having fewer than 20 staff, CrazedCoders and subsidiary label Fluik Entertainment have had some big successes, mostly with games. For instance, their latest creation, Will it Fly? which simulates an overloaded plane flying over a volcano, has sold over 250,000 downloads within two weeks of its debut. Postmedia reports that in total, Fluik has sold 841,000 copies of their apps in the past six months.

In an interview, owner and founder Victor Rubba says that while there are plenty of companies involved in app design and programming, Alberta businesses have been slow to see their potential as a tool to further their business.

“I think most companies are several years behind the leading edge, which is what we do.”

But Rubba expects the market will explode here as well.

CrazedCoders also works with local firms like Grower Direct. It produced an iPhone app which allows people to research, view, and order flowers from anywhere, at any time.

And a personal favourite is a Twitter management tool where a group can leave messages, notes about where they are, and generally share information in an open system.

“Let’s say you need some information from one person who happens to be away. A co-worker will see this request and be able to offer advice or find what is needed,” said Rubba.

Give it a read; it’s a great picture of a vibrant tech scene from a city that doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves.