Shopping Concierge, Big Apple Buddy, Helps Canadians Order from American Amazon

Cross-border shopping is growing, but big retailers are not making it easy to shop from America.

For example, Amazon doesn’t allow buyers outside of the U.S. to purchase a wide range of electronics, sporting and outdoor goods, software and computers. International shipping restrictions are even placed on Amazon’s own house products.

A New York-based shopping concierge called Big Apple Buddy offers a solution. The company specializes in shipping items from the U.S. to almost any country in the world, including Canada.

The company handles the entire buying process, allowing clients to avoid complex international shipping procedures that can be associated with a big marketplace such as Amazon.

One of the reasons why Big Apple Buddy is able to deliver a smooth shopping experience is that the company is not bound by manufacturer and dealer arrangements in America. Acting as an independent third party, Big Apple Buddy can purchase items from U.S. online stores, such as Amazon, without such restrictions, and ship them to clients worldwide.

Big Apple Buddy has partnered with FedEx, DHL and UPS.