Big Data Platform Rubikloud Raises $1 Million to Solve Real-time Problems for Businesses

Toronto’s MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund (IAF), and private angel investors.

The investment will be used primarily for scaling the engineering team, according to the startup.

Founded by Kerry Liu, Daniel Theirl, and Frank Thomas in early 2013, Rubikloud is building the next generation big data platform. With Rubikloud, data no longer needs to sit in silos within an organization.

Current technologies to process large volumes and velocities of data rely on slow batch processing techniques that require too much infrastructure and take way too long to process. 

With Rubikloud, companies can stream and process this data in real-time. What took hours to days now takes seconds to minutes.

“No buzz words here. Everyone is claiming to be a big data company, but we actually are,” says Kerry Liu, CEO of Rubikloud Technologies.

“There is too much noise in the industry but once you cut through it, there is tremendous value for the end customer,” he continues. “We spoke to 30 different companies before writing a single line of code. Our products will simplify the big data landscape and provide immediate business value for online businesses. Right now we’re focused on scaling the team and delivering the best possible product to our early customers.”

With half a dozen enterprise customers in private beta, Rubikloud plans to publicly launch its product in the New Year. The Toronto-based startup is currently looking to hire “brilliant engineers” who are excited about solving incredibly difficult technology problems. Says Rubikloud: “If you’re an engineer who likes fun problems and wants a guaranteed interview, then decipher this: xjedmhoyduflzplwoevherhftiy. Do you have what it takes?”