Big Fish Games looking for more than game developers

Gregory Huang of Xconomy had a chance to sit down with Big Fish Games CFO last week and the message was clear – they’re hiring and not just game developers. As an example, of their 320 employees in in Seattle, 45 percent are engineers and only 15 percent work on game development.

Great time to get this message out considering the number of lay-offs we’ve seen in the past couple months.

“We’re not just a gaming company,” says Glenn Walcott. The chief financial officer of Seattle-based Big Fish Games is telling me about his company’s focus on new hires, and this comes as a bit of surprise. People tend to think of Big Fish as a game producer, but Walcott stresses that most of its engineers don’t work directly on games. They work on other aspects of the business, like e-commerce, distribution platforms, and real-time memory systems for personalized user experiences. “It’s a lot of fun for new guys,” he says.

Walcott says Big Fish currently has 35 open positions—mostly for engineers, programmers, and software development testers, but also for a director of marketing. Native foreign-language skills are a plus, Walcott adds; the company does a lot of business in Europe.

Looking ahead to next year, Walcott predicts there will be a lot of talented workers available in the first quarter. Big Fish would love to snap them up, of course, but people might be hesitant to make any career moves because of the economy, he says.

Interesting tidbit for Vancouverites – Big Fish opened an office in Vancouver in August and currently employee five with plans to add 25 more soon.