Big Fish in a Big Pond

While this is hardly news to anyone in our building, the Vancouver Sun’s Marke Andrews wrote today about Seattle’s Big Fish Games opening a Vancouver studio. Their new Yaletown digs are one floor down in 1122 Mainland and currently have just four employees – but has room for almost 50. That’s a good thing considering their growth trajectory.

Since beginning in 2002 with one employee — founder Paul Thelen — the company has had revenue growth of between 100 and 220 per cent per annum. Big Fish Games reported revenues of $8.6 million in 2005, $24.1 million in 2006 and $50.8 million in 2007, and employee numbers have grown from 35 to 310.

Management strategically choose Vancouver as a way to attract people from the city’s “strong game development talent cluster” and they expect the local studio to grow to about 25 to 30 employees by summer. It looks like they were even more strategic with their office choice. Their windows face EA’s new Yaletown space – look out for guerilla-style ‘It’s after 5pm, why are you still working?‘ recruiting signs soon.