Big Names in Canadian Tech Sign ‘Stop Bill C-51’ Letter

Some big names in Canadian tech are now supporting a letter urging the federal goverment to axe Bill C-51.

“We fear that this proposed legislation will undermine international trust in Canada’s technology sector, thereby stifling the kinds of business our respective technology companies can generate when that level of trust is high,” the letter reads. “This legislation threatens to undermine Canada’s reputation and change our business climate for the worse.”



Supports of the letter now include Tobias Lutke, the CEO of Shopify; Michael Litt, the CEO of Vidyard; and Stewart Butterfield, the CEO of Slack.


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“We must not allow censorship to become commonplace,” the letter states. “As it is we have a privacy deficit in Canada that erodes trust in both commerce and trade; Bill C-51 deepens that deficit.”

Other notable signees include Jeff Booth, the CEO of BuildDirect; Gideon Hayden, Senior Associate of OMERS Ventures; and Kirk Simpson, the CEO of Wave.