Big Oven Hits One Million Downloads

Big Oven’s iPhone app just hit the one millionth download after only three months. Seattle-based Big Oven lets users search a database of 160,000 recipes, enter ingredients for meal suggestions, keep track of faves on a personal page, or create a ‘try it soon’ list. Because the application is free, Big Oven is happy that they reached the milestone even despite spending nothing marketing the application.

Founder Steve Murch admits that their market is absolutely huge, encompassing “anyone who uses the internet and cooks.” He calls the iPhone more “consumer focused” than other smart phones, and claims that iPhone owners are often the ones making dinner.

Big Oven, says Murch, “solves a real, everyday need: Have you ever been at a grocery store and wondered if you’ve got everything for that dinner you wanted to prepare? Or been stuck for what to make? Or wondered how to best identify a ripe avocado?” BigOven solves all of these problems, he continues, “in a personalized way, for you.”