Biggest Price Drop Ever: RIM Sells PlayBook On Its Own Website For Just $199 – That’s 60% Off

I have lost count how many times the PlayBook has been on sale during the past 2 months. But, if you want to play a game of follow-the-link-trail, start here.

For those who choose not to get lost in that labyrinth of deals and promotions, let me tell you about RIM’s biggest discount of all time. Lasting until December 1st, the Waterloo-based company is now selling its BlackBerry tablet for an incredible $199—the same price as a Kobo Vox or Kindle Fire, and a full 60% off its original retail price (note that the discount percentage is lower for the models with more GB of storage; it’s a static $300 off any model).

The sale is happening on RIM’s own website for the first time instead of through retailers. And it appears that they’re so desparate to move units, consumers can purchase up to 3 units each at this price point—when, typically, a discount this steep would limit customers to just one of the item.

Hard to call this a Black Friday deal since it lasts until well after Cyber Monday, but sale-crazy shoppers seeking a solid non-Apple tablet should seriously consider the PlayBook at this insanely reduced price.