Here’s the Biggest Problem with Apple’s iPad

iPad or iPad Mini, it matters not—all of Apple’s tablets share the same problem. You can’t stop using them.

This concept was illustrated hilariously by a recent Dilbert comic. The best comedy is founded on truth, and this Scott Adams’ masterpiece is brimming with truth:

You probably won’t be having pizza delivered to a bathroom stall (we hope). But we do know that at least 82% of Canadians who own smartphones or tablets have used their mobile device while plunked down on the toilet. Wally, for once, isn’t out of the ordinary with his habits.

And the iPad, among all mobile devices, is especially bad for excessive usage. Multiple studies have found that the Apple device accounts for about 90% of all web traffic on tablets, meaning other tablets aren’t used by their owners nearly as much as the iPad is.

Love it or hate it, the iPad is an all-day, every-day type of device that most of us just can’t put down, at least for very long. Are we going to need to insert “nomotaphobia” beside “nomophobia” in the dictionary?

Comic: Dilbert