Bill Gates now tweeting

The world’s most famous geek is now tweeting. Sometime yesterday the founder of Microsoft joined the micro-blogging site Twitter.  His first tweet was, “Hello world”.

In his bio section, Bill Gates says he’s interested in “Sharing cool things I’m learning through my foundation work and other interests…”  So don’t expect Gates to tweet about Microsoft product launches.  

Now you may think you’re following Bill Gates.  However, like other celebrities there are many fake Bill Gates Twitter accounts.  This one is actually a “Verified Account”. 

Gates is building up a fast following on Twitter. As of this minute his following is at 212,781 213,976, and climbing.

The 40 Twitter accounts Gates is following (as of now) include Barak Obama, Microsoft (shocking!), Bono’s (from U2) ONE campaign, The Rotary Club and Queen Rania.