Career Matchmaking for New Generations: Binder Connects Proven Talent with Elite Companies

It used to be a rite of passage: get a good degree from a good university, and you were guaranteed a good, stable job. You might stay 50 years, ascend to the ceiling of your career, and your life might have approximated a Pixar movie storyline.

Unfortunately, all of that has faded to the past. The staunchest economic crisis in nearly a century has brought job prospects to a dimmer level of expectations. The class of 2014, and all those after it for the foreseeable future, will have to fight harder to put their foot in the door.

Thankfully, they won’t be alone in their fight. A generation of entrepreneurs has come to solve problems that are near and dear to their hearts, and for many of the young cohort, the problem that strikes at them was the unemployment and underemployment they saw hold themselves and their friends back.

Binder was created by a team of young entrepreneurs who had been through the struggle. CEO Alieu Terry credited his internship at Bank of America with helping to form the drive that would lead him to entrepreneurship, and cracking a door open into the hyper-competitive financial services industry.

He crafted a team that would help him bring this experience to those that need it.

It’s important to note that Binder isn’t just about tailoring job boards to internships, like so many have done before.

The team goes beyond just posting information and letting others figure it out. Binder curates a pool of truly excellent candidates, and helps them throughout the process. It takes the winning approach Google, Goldman Sachs, and McKinsey use to source their candidates, and helps apply them across a wide variety of candidates that are curated for their dedication, and talent.

This ensures that even smaller companies and startups can benefit from the same caliber of talent as the largest brands in the world. The future Microsoft or Google won’t have to invest in making their brands resonate across campuses: Binder will help showcase them with videos and media shot by professional videographers and cameramen. They’ll show why it makes sense to work for any company that partners with them, accumulating a pool of young talent that will be tailored and matched with the best positions for their skills and experience in every partner company.

Companies like charity:water and Merrill Lynch have partnered with Binder, interested in this pool of young talent. The team has previously worked on recruitment with a very similar concept, and over the preceding three years, made a million in dollars in revenue doing so.

It isn’t just about the money though. At its core, Binder is a very human story of people helping people.

Didrek Bratlund was a masters student who had completed his masters in International Business and Commerce from the University of Sydney. He was looking desperately for an internship, a way to crack into the industry of his dreams.

Through the Binder approach, he was able to convince Mpowerd, a leading energy technology company to take him on. He quickly advanced through the ranks, becoming a full time employee with the power to hire–and now he has come back to Binder, looking to hire more young people like him who just need a chance to succeed.

It’s come full circle: the student becoming the hirer. Yet, as Binder grows, this will surely be one of many cases where Binder’s ability to help talented youth grab a foothold on their dreams will create something magical.