Bing Leads In Successful Canadian Searches

Hitwise reported recently that Bing is leading in “successful” web searches performed by Canadians, above Yahoo and Google. In a previous report, Hitwise had found that only 70% of Canadian searches are “successful”.

What’s a “successful” search ? According to Hitwise’ criteria, its a search which leads the user to click a link in the search results within a specific period of time. Deeper look at their post suggests that Bing leads in brand-name searches while Google is competitive on non brand-name searches in Canada. Excerpt:

For example, the top searches in Canada in the past twelve weeks were “facebook”, “youtube”, “facebook login” and “”…For those four highest volume keywords, Bing enjoys a higher success rate for all of them.

..on searches for “free online games”, Google enjoyed an 86.51% Success Rate compared to Bing’s 85.13% and for “jeux” (French for “games”), Google enjoyed an 89.02% Success Rate to Bing’s 81.27%. However, Bing led Google on “games” and “horoscope”.

Seems like Bing still is in the game, at least in Canada. How has your experience been with it ? Prefer Google or Bing ?