Bing Photos 2011 is an Interactive Animated Gallery Recapping the Year in Pictures

The end of one year is a fabulous time to look forward to the next one. But it’s also a great time to reflect back and reminisce about fun memories.

Enter Bing Photos 2011 Canada, an interactive animated gallery recapping a year’s worth of photographs from the homepage. Social media integration allows photo fans to “like” photos and share the pages with friends and family online. Utilizing HTML5, Bing Photos “draws viewers in by dynamically bringing them the eye-grabbing images that have become an iconic part of the search engine’s brand.”

As photos float across the screen, visitors to the site navigate the images with the flick of a mouse. The viewer experience continues to change as new homepage photos are added to the animation. The photographs range from wolves in the winter to the exotic mystique of far-off islands.