Bionym Launches Nymi Developer Community

Bionym took the first step in building its developer ecosystem this morning.

With 6,000 identified developers awaiting the launch of the Nymi’s developer program, Bionym today released its SDK documentation and online forums.

Bionym says that it is launching its online space to provide its current community with a forum and the resources it needs to build for the Nymi, which uses your heartbeat to replace passwords, PINS, and keys. The Canadian company says that is looking for developers with ideas in healthcare, fitness, security, and automotive to register with the community.

“We’ve had a lot of interest in the device, and now we are keen to find out what excites developers the most,” says Nikita Tarakanov, the Developer Community Manager at Bionym. “Everyone at the office is thrilled to see the insights, feedback and perspectives that only a diverse community like ours can provide.”

“This is a place where we all get to explore our big ideas and make them a reality,” Tarakanov continued. “Together we’ll be able to make a larger impact and have fun while doing it.”

Within the coming months, Bionym says it will be hosting both hackathons and developer meet-ups to establish a personal connection with its developers.