Canadian Coding School Bitmaker Labs Returns, Wins Exemption to Operate Independently

Coding is by most measures a young profession, and as such as been largely neglected by most traditional schools. That’s why across North America and elsewhere around the world, learn-to-code programs are raging against the status-quo education system, transforming wannabe coders into professional developers during intensive bootcamps that mimic a difficult semester course at school.

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Last month, controversy was stirred when the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities investigated the program, which caused Bitmaker Labs to temporarily shut down.

Quickly, Bitmaker agreed to government oversight. And now, the coding academy is once again operational.

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“Bitmaker Labs is now back up and running,” said Matt Gray of Bitmaker today. “We were successful in winning an exemption that will allow us to continue operating independently.”

The organization also redesigned their website.