Bits Republic creates secure, accessible online document management

Bits Republic presented its case for data mobilization at the 24th Angel Forum held at SFU Harbour Centre on Monday. Their mission is to make one’s information accessible anywhere in the world, as well as acessible online and off. As such, they introduced the My Own Bits (MOB) platform, which not only hosts documents but also alerts clents to changes in those documents, and also have access to their documents even when they aren’t on the Internet. Bits Republic also stressed the end-to-end nature of their security solution, with documents encrypted before thye leave the computer or origin. The document is also hosted by Bits Republic, but they can’t sThe MOBS platform has been established and is (according to Bits Republic) ready for implementation, and the company is now ready to begin tackling different markets with targeted products.

MOB-PS is targeted at professional firms such as lawyers, and would cost $1,000 a year. MOB-BR is aimed at creating data rooms for virtual Mergers and Acquisitions. Finally, Bits Republic has created MOB-EMR, which targets the medical market and would cost $1,200 a year.