A Look into Black Friday Behaviour Trends in Canada

Black Friday is soon, and while the shopping trend is a decidedly American tradition, Canadians are showing enthusasim around the shopping event.

In efforts to understand Canadians during this shopping frenzy, price comparison platform Shopbot published a 2015 report to allow Canadian shoppers and news outlets a deeper understanding of the Canadian e-commerce landscape.

Canadians use Black Friday to stock up on Christmas gifts for friends and family, for example, waiting until Boxing Day to treat themselves.

 “Black Friday nowadays is all about shopping for others,” Monika Hajzokova, Shopbot’ s Sales Director in Canada says. “It’s about buying gifts for family and friends for the holiday season which is just around the corner. But Boxing Day, that’ s when shoppers can finally treat themselves.”

Google Trends shows how each year the interest in “Black Friday” topples the last year over the past 10 years in Canada.

Ontario is the province most interested in Black Friday, but across Canada it’s clear that tech goods drive demand: smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, and televisions are what consumers want to buy.