BlackBerry 10 Now Has 120,000 Apps: ‘Firing on All Cylinders,’ CEO Says

In December, Waterloo’s BlackBerry promised that its next-gen platform, BlackBerry 10, would launch with 70,000 apps.

It did. And less than two months later, BB10 boasted 100,000 apps.

Today, CEO Thorsten Heins stated during BlackBerry Live that the Canadian company’s latest mobile operating system now has 120,000 apps in its app store. It’s a good number in the sense that the app store is still growing, but the fact that the rate of new apps per month has already slowed down may be a little worrying. Still, Heins remains as confident as ever.

“The response to the BlackBerry 10 platform and applications has been outstanding,” said Martyn Mallick, vice president of global alliances at BlackBerry, recently. “Top brands and application providers are joining us every day and are seeing the benefits of being early supporters of the new platform. We constantly hear from developers that the BlackBerry 10 tools are easy to build with and that we provide opportunities for app differentiation that they do not see on other platforms.”

“We have reached solid ground with this company,” Heins told attendees of Live this morning. “Not only are we still here, we’re firing on all cylinders.”

It took cutting 5,000 jobs and eliminating more than half of the company’s manufacturing sites, but BlackBerry is profitable again—something many analysts considered next to impossible. BlackBerry’s stock is still floundering, however.

More than 5,000 people are attending BlackBerry Live this year, “slightly” more than last year, according to the company.