BlackBerry App World Web Portal Now Available

The Blackberry App World can now be accessed on any web browser; previously the site was only available on Blackberry devices. Checking out the latest apps on a computer is certainly easier then browsing them on the Blackberry’s small screen but that is about the only benefit the web portal provides. When you find an app you want you can send an e-mail to your BlackBerry which includes a link to download the app.

Interestingly enough RIM was not the first company to develop a off-device marketplace for browsing Blackberry Apps. Winnipeg based CrackBerry had already developed a web portal for Blackberry apps, the start up even created their own CrackBerry App Store mobile client that technically competes with RIM’s own Blackberry App World. Although CrackBerry’s web portal came first the official BlackBerry App World portal has a much slicker design and is easier to use. The CrackBerry team competes by offering certain apps for lower prices, developers sometimes offer promotional prices and the CrackBerry portal has a .99 cent minimum sale price compared to the App World’s $2.99 minimum.