BlackBerry era coming to an end according to the New York Times

bbobamaThe Americans probably said the same thing about the Canadian men’s hockey team prior to the 2002 Winter Olympics.  But with the ubiquity of the iPhone and iPad (what antennae problem?) and the surging popularity of Android-powered smartphones, Research in Motion’s BlackBerry seems to be the boy band of yesterday.  

So it comes as no surprise that the New York Times would publish an article claiming an end to the device that first popularized the mobile web. 

And to add fuel to the fire, the United Arab Emirates weighed in by claiming that because the data RIM helps to deliver and store is being done outside national boundaries, certain security protocols are being breached.

The Other Side of the Story:

The end of the BlackBerry is not anywhere in sight.  They have the infrastructure and knowledge to compete with the world’s best hardware manufacturers.  They also have some of the smartest software developers in house.

They now have the ability to learn from Apple’s mistakes and Google’s late entry into the mobile marketplace.  End of an era?  Sorry New York Times.  That headline may have been reserved for the newsprint industry.

What are your thoughts on the future of RIM’s BlackBerry?  Are the NYT authors onto something or are they just blowing hot air?