BlackBerry Gains Significant Marketshare in Canada, Loses Ground Globally

There is both good news and bad news for BlackBerry.

The good news is that its marketshare in Canada has more than doubled since 2012, up from 6% last year to 13.5% today, according to Raymond James analyst Tavis McCourt. The analyst believes the launch of BlackBerry 10 spurred the dramatic change.

BlackBerry still has a long way to go, however. In 2011, it held a marketshare of nearly 22% in Canada. And years before that, its marketshare was well over half.

In Canada, Apple boasts 40% of the market, while Samsung accounts for 30%.

Worldwide, BlackBerry isn’t making much progress, however. It lost its third place ranking to Microsoft’s Windows Phone in global smartphone shipments for the first quarter of 2013, according to market researcher IDC. Shipping just six million units, BlackBerry’s share dropped to 2.9%, just behind Windows’ 3.2%.

In other related news, BlackBerry Live, the company’s annual conference in Orlando, wrapped up this week.

Here’s some of the major announcement BlackBerry made during the event:

– The company created a mobile social network built on its BBM app called Channels.

– BlackBerry Messenger will be coming to iOS and Android this summer for free.

– BlackBerry World now has more than 120,000 apps.

– The company unveiled the Q5, a mid-range smartphone.