BlackBerry Launches Jam Starter Sessions Across Canada

Since its release at the start of February, BlackBerry 10 has launched in more than 20 countries and the ecosystem has grown to over 80,000 apps.

To continue the momentum, the Waterloo-based company is embarking on a cross-country developer outreach tour with its “BlackBerry Jam Starter Sessions.”

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“The BlackBerry Jam Starter Session will take you through the basic principles of building BlackBerry apps, with an overview of what to expect through the process,” says BlackBerry’s Tom Anderson. “After the session, you will have the opportunity to start building your own BlackBerry apps with support from on-site BlackBerry Evangelists.”

The all-day Jam Starter Sessions begin in Vancouver on March 19, followed by sessions in Saskatoon, Montreal and Halifax. Tickets are $25. Learn more or register online here.