BlackBerry Launches Leap, a Midrange Smartphone for Emerging Markets

At Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, BlackBerry today introduced Leap, its latest product.

The BlackBerry Leap is an midrange, all-touch smartphone “built for career builders and companies who value security and privacy when pushing their productivity to the next level.”

BlackBerry Leap includes an edge-to-edge, five-inch HD display and “more than a full day’s battery power,” according to the Canadian company.

“BlackBerry Leap was built specifically for mobile professionals who see their smartphone device as a powerful and durable productivity tool that also safeguards sensitive communications at all times,” said Ron Louks, President, Devices and Emerging Solutions for BlackBerry.

BlackBerry suggests Leap can handle up to 25 hours of “heavy use” with its 2800 mAh battery. It does not feature a physical keyboard. The Leap has 16GB of storage and an 8MP camera.

It’s expected to retail for around $300 in Canada.

BlackBerry has struggled in recent years, accounting for less than 1% of the world’s smartphone marketshare and less than 1% of the smartphone industry’s profits.