BlackBerry Lays Off Employees in Manufacturing Facility in Waterloo

BlackBerry has now laid off more than 1,000 people in Waterloo since last September.

The latest axe drop came in the form of 90 jobs lost in the company’s Waterloo manufacturing facility, according to a spokesperson. The layoffs took place last week but were revealed yesterday.

Over 3,000 cuts are still expected this year in a dramatic cost-cutting move that will reduce BlackBerry’s workforce down to roughly 7,000, barely a third of what it once was as the company’s peak in 2008.

“We recognize our employees’ hard work on behalf of our company and the difficulty of this news,” a spokesperson told Techvibes. “We will do everything in our power to treat our employees with compassion during this time of transition.”

BlackBerry’s presence in Waterloo is becoming smaller every week; in addition to regular layoffs, the Canadian smartphone maker plans to sell all of its local real estate.