Blackberry + PCMobilizr = Mobile Office

Ottawa-based Rove Mobile Inc. unveiled PCMobilizr this afternoon at DEMO 08 and it promises to make Blackberries even more critical to business travellers. PCMobilizr enables business professionals and consumers to have instant, complete access to every file and application on their home or office computer at all times. Users can remotely and securely access their PC desktop from their mobile device, display the computer’s screen and control the keyboard and mouse. Tris Hussey of Maple Leaf 2.0 attended the PCMobilizr presentation and live-blogged it:

2:37 Rove Mobile From Ottawa on stage … I saw it action. I couldn’t belive it eventhough I saw it … a Blackberry controling a PC … and seeing the PC screen on the Berry screen. Data transfer you ask … yeah me too. It was minor. Like few hundred k or less. It’s so well optimized they say. Fewer colours, only sending what you need to see when you need to see it. 2:41 PCMobilizr … I have it on a flash drive they gave me … but haven’t installed it yet. Generally I’m with my computers but … the execution of the tech is so cool I just have to try it.

This new application apparently needs no technical knowledge whatsoever and can be quickly and easily downloaded from either your computer or mobile device and a user name & password is all that is needed to get remote access to your  computer. How many times have you been out of the office and desperately needed a document, spreadsheet, or file on your desktop? PCMobilizr solves this problem.