Blackberry Playbook To Get Email, Calendar, and Contacts… Soon (Again)

Back in September it was speculated that the Blackberry Playbook would finally see native email, calendar, and contact software… in October.  October came and went, and corporate clients have yet to see the mythical apps.

The whole embarrassing debacle may end soon though, as attendants at yesterday’s Blackberry Innovation Forum were treated to a demo showing off the new apps.

From the attached screenshots, courtesy of BlackBerryCool, the apps pretty average, but then again, they are built with a corporate design in mind.  The email client looks good, and the calendar application makes great use of screen real-estate, displaying both a monthly and daily calendar in one screen.  The calendar day numbers get bigger depending on the number of appointments you have that day, which is a nice touch.  The contact manager is powered by Gist and is designed for simplicity and readability, but is a little spartan in my opinion.

For all of you current Blackberry Playbook owners there is still a bit of a wait, as the projected launch date is February 17th, 2012.

The rumoured Blackberry Playbook keyboard attachment was also mentioned at the forum, with an “early 2012” launch expected.  It will be interesting to see what RIM come up with, as anything bulky would most likely not sell well for a tablet that prides itself on portability.