BlackBerry tablet confirmed in time for Christmas

Earlier this month we reported that BlackBerry was (maybe) coming out with a tablet.  And now we’re happy to confirm it.

According to Boy Genius Report BlackBerry will be coming out with a 8.9″ BlackBerry tablet.  However, don’t expect to make calls from it.  Reportedly coming out in December, the planned tablet will be a companion device.  This meas the user will have to enable their Bluetooth to use the tablet. 

The article from BGR also states that the device will be ready for market in December.  Maybe a Christmas present for a CrackBerry addict?

If this is not a stand alone device, why is Research in Motion even bothering to create a tablet?  Isn’t the point of these devices to make it like a Swiss Army knife?  One device that can do (almost) anything? What are your thoughts?