BlackBerrys Have Worse Resale Value Than iPhones and Androids, Report Finds

All smartphones depreciate in value from the moment you buy them. But just like cars, some brands hold their value a lot better.

A recent Priceonomics report found that Apple’s iPhone boasts the best resale value of any mobile platform. After 18 months, the iPhone can sell for an impressive 53% of its original retail cost.

According to the research, Android devices hold only 42% of their value after the same length of time. BlackBerry smartphones hold just 41% of their value.

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That’s one way to look at it. Another way to look at it is based on monthly costs.

“The iPhone hardware only costs you $13.20 per month if you resell it at the end of 18 months. Android phones cost 40% more,” the report says. In that sense, Android and BlackBerry resale values are actually much worse than the iPhones.