Blending ebooks with web: Amazon launches new file format for Kindle that integrates HTML5 and CSS3

Amazon has released Kindle Format 8, the company’s latest file format designed specifically for the Android-powered Kindle Fire.

With the release, it looks like Amazon has the goal of blending ebooks with web-inspired features: Format 8 supports many rich layout and formatting features attainable through HTML5 and CSS3. Ebooks won’t see immediate support for video or audio incorporation, but things like layout, borders, line spacing, and typography will be customizable in new ways.

The move will bring future ebooks closer to looking like web pages, for better or worse. Kindle Format 8 will initially only be available on the Kindle Fire, which launches in November (not in Canada!), but will eventually make its way to e-ink Kindles as well as the Kindle app that runs on non-Amazon devices like the iPad and iPhone.