Blog Day 2008: Five Blogs you might like

To celebrate the 4th Blog Day today, I am linking to 5 blogs which you might find interesting. Check them out and be sure to grab their RSS feeds:

  1. I, Cringely: Robert Cringely’s weekly blog on various tech-related issues. Tech entrepreneurs/investors have a lot to learn from reading his writings regularly and this has been my favorite blog of all time!
  2. Autoblog: Gorgeous pictures of new, old and concept cars, updated regularly.
  3. Popsugar: Celebrity gossip blog, billed as being ‘insanely addictive’. And it is ! It has a rather fresh and eye-catching design with quality content.
  4. Fitsugar: Updated multiple times every day with useful and practical health-related tips.
  5. Yumsugar: Yet another nice blog from Sugar, Inc. This one is about food.

Any other blogs which you recommend ?