Happy Blog Day 2008

Happy Blog Day 2008!!! Here are 5 blogs that I love to follow and you might find interesting on this fine, sunny (in Edmonton), blog day.

  1. Metacool: Diego Rodriguez blogs about design, business and innovation.His posts always end up having something cool and thought provoking in them.One of my favourite posts of his was a recent one on strategy.
  2. StartupNorth: Jevon and Jonas do a great job of coving the startup scene in Canada.Jevon recently wrote a great post (manifesto, call to arms, etc.) on how start-ups will save VC in Canada.
  3. Marc Andreessen’s Blog:Founder of Netscape, Opsware, and recently Ning.Marc is currently taking a break from blogging, but always writes great posts on entrepreneurship, start-ups, and life in general.
  4. Tim Ferris: The four hour work week author always has something to say about productivity, work, life, and how to learn a language in one hour.
  5. Joel on Software: Joel Spolsky blogs about coding, creating a great work environment, productivity, and all sorts of things relating to creating great software.

I hope that you find a blog on here that you haven’t heard of before. I would love to hear what blogs you find interesting.