Blog Day 2008: Five Fave Tech Blogs

Part of my day-job as a writer for a technology firm in Vancouver involves scouring the best tech blogs around to make sure I’m on top of the latest trends. In keeping with today’s roundup, here are my five fave tech blogs (aside from Techvibes, which is of course required reading for anyone proud to call themselves a tech geek):

1. Canadian IT Managers Blog. Interviews, profiles and podcasts with some of Canada’s top tech professionals. Insightful commentary on tech and business trends.

2. Vaclav’s Blog. The official blog for Vancouver-based Pacific Coast Information Systems Ltd. Straight talk from PCIS President Vaclav Vincalek, offering IT solutions for business, helpful tips for managers and the occasional rant.

3. Ingram 2.0. Mathew Ingram has been writing about business and technology for the Globe and Mail since 1991. Stories about John Cleese’s own social networking app, Bono’s YouTube flap, Chinese bloggers and more.

4. The Daily WTF. Get your daily rant about curious perversions in information technology, from the most surreal IT job interviews ever to work-arounds that just never work. Funny stuff.

5. Schneier on Security. Technically, not just a tech blog, but Bruce Schneier has unrivaled insight when it comes to web and IT security. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to protect yourself from everything from malware to terrorists to giant squids, Bruce is your man.

Happy Blog Day, y’all!